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Stackin is a platform for engineering managers and developers that helps them manage and organise their projects. It provides an easy way to retrospect contributions being made by developers in your team , and it integrates seamlessly with GIT, IDE and JIRA.

What you do with Stackin

Identifiy inefficiency

With holistic metrics derived from git, ide and JIRA



with gamification acknowledge team effort


Build efficient team

With actionable, leading indicators in your process


How it works?

Stackin platform enables services, plugin and apps integration, in order to automate engineering workflows.


Lead Confidently with actionable insights

Making decisions and taking action based on data and information that is accurate, relevant, and useful is a great way to drive performance, communicate effectively to inspire and motivate teams, to drive success.

Amplify the glory

Gamification is a great way to celebrate successes, whether they're small or big. By giving players badges, leaderboards, and levels, they can feel motivated towards their contributions which adds an extra layer of excitement.


Bring your team closer than ever

There's nothing more rewarding than working side-by-side with a team of individuals that you trust and appreciate. When you provide feedback and encouragement, it helps your team grow and thrive.

Plan Better

Everyone wants their team to ship on time, even we do. And Stackin supports your software development project planning with features that improve team dynamics, identify roadblocks and ultimately increase your velocity.


Empowering everyone with Stackin


As a CXOs, you will be able to generate custom reports which give digestive info about the development team keeping the organization lean and effective. Know team member health and understand their well-being by taking continued feedback. Use the data to identify team members who are at risk of burnout and help your organization by taking proactive steps.You will be able to track the performance, engagement and productivity of teams and individuals across multiple projects. See which team members are consistently performing better, who needs help and who could use more challenging tasks to grow and develop.


Your favorite tools are here

With Stackin’s growing number of integrations and plugins, you don't have to worry about a learning curve for your team. Integrate them in a few clicks. Browse apps


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